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A group of several elementary students looking on at a teacher.


ICUBiT Team to Present at Upcoming NCTM and AERA Conferences

The team will present "Using Curriculum Materials to Design and Enact Instruction" at the NCTM Research Presession in Denver, Colorado on April 17th.

The team will present "Beyond the Script: Educative Features of Five Mathematics Curricula and How Teachers Use Them" at the 2013 AERA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California on May 1st.

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ICUBiT is an NSF-funded research project.

ICUBiT stands for Improving Curriculum Use for Better Teaching because that is our ultimate goal—to understand the capacity required to use curriculum resources productively to design instruction. We believe this is an area of teacher knowledge and ability that is not well understood or developed in teacher education or professional development, but is central to what teachers do on a daily basis. It is our view that understanding and improving curriculum use is critical to improving teaching at scale.

The ICUBiT project is directed by Janine Remillard (Penn) and Ok-Kyeong Kim (WMU) and is run by a team of researchers at Western Michigan University and the University of Pennsylvania. We are guided by an expert team of advisors.